• NFL Green Bay Sign Aaron Rodge

    Packers are not going to win another superbowl for years Packer fans need a reality check after the last couple years losing in the playoffs its not happening this team is not a cold weather team. they are better off going in as teh worse wild card nfl jerseys cheap team and playin where its warm then they would have a chance.

    Once you make it and win it and get that big contract teams rarely win it again or even make it, just saying, Tom Brady may be the exception, this signing at that price just ended a great run by the Green Bay Packers packers jersey most likely. Aaron one of the best but they have no defense and cant afford one now either the price to pay having one of the best. New Orleans is an example...Peyton's Colts...Then again, riding one of the best players in the NFL cheap jerseys online is always a good idea, NYG, Bal and Pitt did it but built solid defense first though and then an decent offense. Green Bays defense looked like swiss cheese.

    Name a better QB over the past 5 years? There is no one. If your argument is all football players make too much money, please look at the financials of the league. The dude is a complete stud and will be for at least another 5 years. PS this will be a bargain in 5 years cheap football jerseys...

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